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Free Pattern Independence Day 2016


Greetings to each of you and welcome to my newsletter to the many newcomers!

The topic for this post is independence for the machine quilter!

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First, I have a FREE PATTERN for each of you to download named Star Spangled Border.

Colored Star Spangled Border

I created this FREE QUILTING DESIGN with written stitching instructions especially for this post to inspire you. I want to motivate you, to push yourselves to a new level in your machine quilting. This design uses the concept for stitching that I invented, Continuous Outline Designs, a method to easily break a complicated pattern into manageable rows of stitching. I will be releasing many more designs in the coming year using this concept, watch for updates.
Read on to discover the instructions for downloading it for FREE . 

Let’s talk about independence for the machine quilter. Many of my students are wonderful machine quilters, others are following this blog in hope that I will offer some bit of wisdom that will trigger action and they will magically be the machine quilter they really want to be. My message for all of you is become independent of any mind-set that holds you back and thrive! Spinning star

There is great sense of satisfaction in completing your own quilts! You have the freedom to add as much of your personality to your quilting designs as only you could express. Push yourself to explore new images and include them in your next quilt, you may just impress yourself. If you need some help in finding designs, resizing and marking, watch Facebook because I post $pecial offer for my class often. Or to attend right now,  click to register

Take a machine quilting class at iQuilt

In my classes, I have had some wonderfully talented students that aren’t recognizing their own abilities. I see them doing wonderful work, but they never seem happy with what they do. I wonder if maybe they are still waiting for approval from their mothers or some teacher they had in first grade, paralyzed with fear of not meeting somebody’s standards. I see this holding them back from achieving satisfaction in their accomplishments. If this sounds like you, choose today to be the day to let it go of any baggage from the past that weights you down. Let your quilting be a source of fulfillment; please only yourself. Cherish the memory of the little girl who tried so hard, dedicate your best efforts to her. Make a treasure for someone special in your life now and do your heart some good. 

News about Upcoming Classes

Town of Burke Hall, 5365 Reiner Rd Madison, WI. 53718

I am offering another 3 Day Skill Building Seminar this coming October 14, 15 and 16, 2016 Read the complete Syllabus and comments from past seminar students: read the details here. Email me to let me know that you would like to attend and, I will email the registration forms to those currently on the list as well as to anyone I add to the list this.

Spend 3 uninterrupted days learning exceptional machine quilting techniques and good habits to use every day! The seminar will feature demonstrations on essential machine quilting techniques. We will cover the ENTIRE machine quilting process from prepping the fabric through the final binding stitches, using both walking foot and free-motion techniques. This is a hands-on experience using your own machine and is geared for you to use the skills for all of your future quilts regardless of their size. This seminar is designed inspire both traditional quilters and contemporary quilt artists of any experience level.

letter safe open LETTER SAFE FOLDED Joanie Zeier Poole Table runner

Reunion Weekend!

I will be welcoming back everyone who has attended a previous 3-day seminar in fall of 2015 or Spring 2016. Review of basics and new, deeper level instruction.  I have the hall reserved for Oct. 21, 22 and 23.  Please email me to let me know you want to come. I will send out details and registration.

Reunion Class Description:  In this 3 day workshop we will focus advanced free-motion quilting design and techniques. I feel the best way to trigger your memories is to stitch a project, which I will plan and prepare a kit for each of you using my Ivy Curl Pattern. It will reinforce each of the basics that you learned last session; but we will take it up a notch with a more intricate designs needing deeper thought into how to travel from one area to another. Next, I will introduce you to more design tools and the many quilting fill patterns that can be created when using the tools. And finally, time will be allotted for a planning session for the actual projects you have waiting to complete or for those you want to create. You will learn to fill patchwork with quilting designs, learn the quilting sequence for patchwork, and what to stitch first, last and why, anchoring along long seams and borders, outline patchwork and then divide the patchwork blocks, setting triangles and borders. You may bring a quilt top, we will discuss and plan the quilting possibilities, determine what marking process is best, discuss batting and thread.

quilt in chair ivy curl croped


More Upcoming Classes

August 10 – 13, 2016 Teaching at AQS GRAND RAPIDS!
Please come to my classroom and say Hello.




exhibit will be on display!
This is your chance to see
many of my quilts!





September 8 to 10, 2016 WI Quilt Expo, Madison, WI 

I will offer a Stage Presentations each day.


For the free Star Spangled Border Quilting Design
go to the SHOP! on my website,
open the purchase products tab,
click on Downloadable Individual Quilting Designs,
and then choose Star Spangled Border Quilting Design.



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