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It is with great pride that I welcome you to my first blog post, an introduction to what is planned for this e-zine. It is my privilege to have a new bridge to reach you. With so much to say, where do I start?

First, you need to know these two things; I use my regular sewing machine to hold the layers of my quilts together and I sincerely want you to become a successful machine quilter.

Who is this blog is for?

Whether you are new to machine quilting or a seasoned expert, with the right supplies and the correct steps to follow, YOU can complete quilts on equipment you already own. No need to be afraid; anyone with a positive attitude can learn. This skill is not dependent on years of other quilting experience. Together we will explore one concept and then build on that to grasp another.

This is information I wish I had had before I tried machine quilting and failed. For years I was a machine quilting wannabe, with the same questions, misconceptions and FEARS you may have! I envied the magnificent stitching at quilt shows and wondered how it was even possible to get that whole quilt under the head of a regular sewing machine? Have you had the same thought?

Well lucky for both of us that I was determined to figure it out! In 2000, I took a 3 day seminar from Diane Gaudynski and the future began to unfold before my eyes.

Ode to Diane

Ode to Diane 50″ x 50″, 2000. Quilted just weeks after the seminar.

Imagine my delight, not only to learn the technique, but to realize it was now possible to draw and stitch any designs imaginable! I arranged my life to be trained to use a computer for drawing the quilting designs that I hope will enhance your quilts.

Ode to Diane

Quilting designs were created to exactly fill the space.

My former career in Home Dec and training in art prepared me to look at the challenges of designing quilts from a unique point of view. This blog will provide a platform to share how I invented methods for my original layouts when no process existed for the desired results. I will demonstrate how to preform many tasks differently than other teachers may have advised; learn why and how this will lead to your success. Some ideas will save time and others save your money by utilizing simple ideas that don’t require additional equipment.

Joanie Zeier Poole with hteacher, Diane Gaudynski

Diane Gaudynski with Joanie Zeier Poole, AQS Paducah, 2006

For 15 years I have dedicated my talents to solving your machine quilting mysteries. With practice, I gained the confidence to enter shows and began teaching. By perfecting the techniques, testing supplies, writing 4 books and listening to the questions of students, I have developed a step-by-step process for you. I discovered that at 5’ 2” working with a quilt rolled up and supported by my body would never work so I found supplies that allowed me to work with the quilt “puddled” on a table. Just think how that one concept may have impacted your experience in the past!

working  puddle copy

The weight of the quit is on the table, not on me!


What you can expect…

My plan is for weekly posts plus a possible quick note for big news. I have a list of enough topics for a year! We will begin with an thorough explanation of the 3 techniques for machine quilting. Then, the most FAQs; the questions everybody asks and how I learned these are not the important answers you need. All topics will be archived for future reference.

The blog will support the educational opportunities I already have established. My job includes classroom teaching and maintaining a website with the goal of selling books, How-to DVDs, patterns and quilting designs collections. As the blog progresses I hope you may decide to come to a class or purchase a product.

If you share a passion for machine quilting education and designs, sign up to have this free e-zine posted to your inbox (instructions below). Receive machine quilting advice, tips, and suggestions for skill building exercises. If you ask a question and we can start a forum discussion.

Join me to experience the satisfaction of finishing your projects yourself. Start your adventure today, knowing I will be here to encourage and support you.

Warm regards, Joanie

Teaching machine quilting“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” 

(ar´dor (noun) intense emotion: Passion, Enthusiasm, Devotion)

― Abigail Adams

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First blog post

Look right here on Sunday, May 10, for the first post of my blog! If you have a passion for machine quilting you will want to read this!