Booking Help and Event Planning

Teaching machine quiltingThis page has been prepared to assist Quilt Guild Representatives, Quilt Shop Owners, Quilt Show Organizers and potential students find all of the necessary information for planning an event with Joanie.

Here you will find links to documents that are available to read onscreen or to use as printable files.

If you have any concerns not covered here, contact Joanie.


For Potential Students and any machine quilting wannabes looking for the promise of a successful machine quilting future
On the Am I ready – How to prepare for class document you will find the help you seek if you are wondering if you are ready to take one of Joanie’s classes? Continuing on the same document, find out how to best prepare for class to assure successful results. You might also familiarize yourself with Machine Quilting Lingo by reading Joanie’s Glossary of Frequently used Terms for Machine Quilting. Learn a ton of great ideas that make the job easier by reading Joanie’s Machine Quilting Tips. And finally, keep an eye on the upcoming events open to the public listed on Joanie’s Blog. I look forward to seeing you in class!

For Quilt Guild Representatives, Quilt Shop Owners and Quilt Show OrganizersMINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA
My goal for your event is to get the best information offered to the largest group, in the easiest manner with the least problems. Study the lists of presentations on the Lectures Page and Classes Page as a springboard for planning and then email Joanie to determine availability. Joanie will work with each event coordinator to tailor the best choices to make the most of the experience for all involved. Supply list are updated frequently and are available upon request.

Links and PDF files for Lectures and Workshops
Here are the documents related to hiring Joanie Zeier Poole to present a lecture or workshop:

Attaining and Signing a Contract
Contracts will be emailed after a date has been scheduled and details have been discussed. First you will read the information on all pages of the contract and make sure it is as agreed. Joanie will make the needed changes. If the contract does not require changes, print two copies, mail one set plus two signed agreement pages with a SASE and a signed copy will be returned to you.