Print, Mark and Resize Designs

Downloading and Printing a pattern:

Our patterns were designed with pretty colored front and back covers and a color photo of the project when available. You can read the document on screen and  print the entire document or specific pages. You may print in color or if your printer is black only. Be assured that all of the instructional text is in black and all of the design pages use a heavy line weight that can be easily seen when tracing.

All patterns and quilting designs, regardless of their size, print out on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Designs larger than the paper will print in sections; a top an bottom half, a left and right half,  a left and right half of a mirror image that can be joined, or all four quadrants if the design is not a mirror image.

To assemble multi-page patterns

After printing the pages, you will need to trim off the white unprinted area to be able to see all of the lines of the assembled pattern.  

Assemble a left and right half, trim off right edge of the left page, match design and tape to right half.two-page--web

To assemble four quadrants, trim off right edge of the left page and the bottom edges of both top pages, match the design and tape together.

Click here to learn to resize designs using a proportion scale: