Weightless Quilter

Floor standing rack that supports the weight of a quilt bundle as it is quilted using a domestic sewing machine or sit down long arm quilting machine. Read complete description below.

The Weightless Quilter

The Weightless Quilter




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Weightless Quilter

The Weightless Quilter is a floor standing rack that eliminates your battle with the weight of a quilt bundle by lifting it off the work surface and off your body as you quilt the layers with a domestic sewing machine or a sit-down long arm machine. .

New YouTube slide show introducing
you to the parts and set-up options showing
how this tool adapts to YOUR quilt size and weight
as well as the space YOU are working within.

Weightless Quilter from above

Watch more YouTube Video Demonstrations of Joanie stitching
with the aid of the Weightless Quilter

See the poles flex as they sway in reaction to the movement of her hands!

*12-14-2020 Due to the pandemic, shipping of parts needed to produce the Weightless Quilter have been slowed. There may be a several week delay in shipping. This situation is true regardless of where you order the WQ from and beyond our control.

What is it?
The Weightless Quilter is a racking system that sits on the floor. Floor bars attach to corner brackets hold flexible poles that end with a clamp to attach to the quilt bundle when machine quilting. Reconfigure the bars and brackets to adapt to your space.

  • The system can expand to provide support for any size quilt up to a heavy King size.
  • Or, it can do a big job in a small space by clamping a section of the quilt and readjusting the bundle as you work.

The Weightless Quilter works with equipment you already own; use a regular domestic sewing machine or a sit down long arm.

Weightless Quilter for a domestic sewing machine Weightless Quilter for sit down long arm Weightless Quilter Clamp

Domestic Machine, set it up to work north and south
Sit down long arm, set up to work east and west

What you will receive in your storage box – Configure parts for the space you are working in, the size and weight of the quilt bundle and the equipment you will be stitching with.

  • 4 Frame Bars that lay on the floor and slide into the side or end of a Corner Bracket.
  • 4 Corner Brackets connect the frame bars and support the Flex Poles. Rotate the bracket to adjust the orientation of the poles to fit the size of any quilt.
  • The Flex poles provide 3 levels of lift capacity: low (thinner poles); medium (thicker poles); heavy (both poles fit into the brackets at once)
    • 4 High tension Flex Poles – thicker poles provide support for heavier quilts
    • 4 Low tension Flex Poles – thinner poles provide support with more flexibility for lighter quilts
  • 4 Clamps that slide on the top end of the Flex Poles to attach the quilt bundle; easy to open and close, grip the bundle securely.
  • 8 Set Screws hold the floor frame bars in the corner brackets (the system is free-standing, nothing attaches to the floor).

Use with any technique or attachments,

  • Walking foot
  • Free-motion
  • Stitch regulator

Watch a close-up demonstration.

When the quilt is complete, store the Weightless Quilter in the box, or…

  • Set it up anywhere you have space, work in the dining room, family room or on a covered patio.
  • Take it to retreat.
  • Use it to support the weight of any large project
    • Seam large backing fabrics
    • Add the binding to a quilt,
    • Make draperies, wedding gowns or pageant wear.

Joanie’s Endorsement:

Great price for a great tool! I am delighted to introduce the Weightless Quilter, a wonderful quilting tool that will assist so many quilters in completing quilts on a domestic or sit-down long arm machine. I bring 17 years of machine quilting experience teaching thousands of students in the classroom. I also design patterns and quilting design collections, write how–to books and DVDs, all for the quilter who uses a machine to complete her (or his) own quilts.

One thing that I constantly hear from student is that they struggle with the quilt falling off the table or resting on their body. There is nothing that I can teach that eliminates the struggle with the weight of the quilt bundle so  I have teamed with the professionals at Weightless Quilter, to bring you this tool that will assist you in creating wonderful quilts!

The Weightless quilter sets up in minutes without tools, adapts to the size of the quilt and to the work space. The flexible poles react to any movement of the bundle with my hands, gliding it effortlessly as I stitch. After I secure the layers with pin basting, I use my Divide and Conquer (Learn more about machine quilting in Joanie’s Quilting Elements) method to anchor the layers into work zones by adjusting the clamps and rotating the bundle when needed. Then, I can work in sections, accessing about 1/4 to 1/3 of the quilt without before moving the clamps.


This special price includes the shipping to your door in the lower 48 states in 1 to 3* weeks.

*12-14-2020 Due to the pandemic, shipping of parts needed to produce the Weightless Quilter have been slowed. There may be a several week wait and is not guaranteed. This situation is true regardless of where the WQ is ordered and beyond our control.

Shipping rate is for the lower 48 states, items shipped to Alaska or Hawaii will be accessed on an individual basis. Please email Joanie BEFORE purchasing and a shipping fee will be provided.

Save the box for storage. However. if the product is returned, the purchaser is responsible for the shipping charge from the manufacturer as well as the return shipping and any restocking fees.