Doodle Bird 1

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Doodle Bird I

Doodle Bird 1
24” x 34”

Painted fabric by Pam Levenhagen,  quilted by Joanie Zeier Poole

The second quilt created by two friends; Pam Levenhagen painted the fabric and Joanie quilted this piece inspired by an original painting by Pam. The colorful surface is filled with tiny quilted motifs that at times follow the painted images and others just fill in empty spaces. Joanie quilted plants and flowers in the center of the quilt that flow into the border.  She used her home sewing machine to quilt the entire background with tiny flowers, bugs and spirals in several colors of thread.

Fabrics chosen were all Radiance by Robert Kaufman, Wool batting and many colors of silk thread were used for the quilting. Joanie used her regular sewing machine and the technique of refined free-motion quilting to complete the piece.

© 2012 Joanie Zeier Poole

Detail images:

Doodle Bird I Doodle Bird I  

Awards and Exhibits
2012 Prairie Heritage Quilt Show 1st place Wall Quilt
2012 Quilt Expo Exhibited Finalist
2014 Pacific International Quilt Festival Santa Clara CA
Best Domestic Machine Quilting for a Wall Quilt

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