How to Center Text when Personalizing Gifts

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Hello everybody and welcome to all of the newcomers to this newsletter.

This is your gentle reminder that there are only 100 stitching days until Christmas!






I was reminded that is was time for planning this week when people started ordering my Fabulous Filler Christmas Stocking Pattern. (Shipped or downloadable for $10.00 for the full size drawing, written directions to make the lined stocking as well as illustrated instructions for stitching all of the background fill patterns).

Or you may prefer a table runner in 3 sizes, this square or a rectangle:


Another reminder: I still have seats available at my 1, 2, or 3 day hands-on workshops in Madison, WI, on Oct 26 to 31.

To help you make a personalized gift for someone special in your life, this blog post presents information on how to easily and accurately center text to personalizing when the cuff of the stocking.  

Using the stocking drawing in the pattern, first trace the outline of the space parallel to the top of a piece of plain paper. Notice that the stocking sides are tapered slightly. Measure the line at the top edge and mark a line at the middle as a guide for centering the letters.

Add a double line and filled that with string a of beads about 3/8” from the top and bottom edges to fill the open space and add interest.

Then, using a computer, print out the name in all caps using a simple font with one space between the letters; this is Arial, size 90 in bold .

Next, crease a fold at the very center of the space that the letters occupy. Notice in this example the J and A take up just a bit less space than the N and E so the center crease is slightly closer to the N. Match the centering lines and tape the name to the paper cuff.


For a name with more letters, print the letters in a smaller size (72) with the space between them, cut them apart with a bit of space around each letter and then equally fill the width of the cuff.

Follow pattern instructions for completing your personalized stocking by centering the fabric over the drawing and tracing with a water soluble marker.

Check out this cute clock that keeps track of the remaining days for you.

Well, don’t say

I didn’t warn you!


As always, Give it your Best!


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