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Hi Quilters,

I am at a teaching engagement in the beautiful city of La Crosse WI. along the Mississippi River. Since I want to give my full attention to my students, this post will include a quick tip and an assignment for you.


Get your book out!

I always include the owner’s manual on the supply list for each class machine quilting I teach. When students have a question about a setting for machine quilting on their specific machine, rather than just showing them how to make the adjustment, I direct them to find the answers in their book so they learn how to find them after class. This is a good habit to continue for the rest of their lives.

If you haven’t read it lately, get out your owner’s manual and read all of the information about machine quilting.  This should help you increase expectations for  your work. Expect more from yourself each time you sew and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your best effort. 

Your Assignment

I have been writing this blog for 2 months now. Take a few minutes to go back and review the past posts. There are many helpful ideas and tips that you might have missed. Remember, when you learn one new concept, a light will go off allowing you to learn another, then another.

I will have a full blog post for you next week with more helpful advice, please share it with others.

madison, WII hope you are making plans to visit Madison, WI for Quilt Expo this Sept 10 – 12. There will be quilts and vendors from around the world. I have been invited to display my quilts in a Special Exhibit. I am extending my personal invitation for you to come and see all of my refined free-motion artwork from the past 15 years, talk about the quilts and ask any questions.


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